10 years or so ago I started making my own skin care products.  In an earlier episode of my life, I worked for Neals Yard Remedies in Bristol, back when it was still owned by founder Romy Fraser.  I was also a student homeopath. Working with very good quality essential oils etc, I soon learnt to differentiate the real deal from the imposter, and now have no tolerance for any fragrance that is synthetic or adulterated.

In the years of being a mother to young children, taking care of my skin was not high on the agenda, but as they grew older and the days less intense, making lovely creams became a hobby and an important and precious aspect of starting to take time for myself and care for me.

My hobby grew into a business.  

‘100% natural’ is splashed all over many products on shop shelves, but a moment of scrutiny soon invariably reveals the less wholesome truth, especially of creams.  Instead, a promising jar of cream may have a second list of ingredients further down the label in smaller print, or so-called ‘pure’ included tap water, cheap oils, refined and processed plant wax or butter, strange fragrances, and so on.

I wanted every ingredient that I used to benefit the user’s health. The bleaching, deodorizing, stabilizing and processing of plant oils and butters destroys vitality and therefore their healing potential.  With the exception of a very few of the most expensive essential oils (which are still carefully sourced from the most reputable and reliable companies), everything I use is in its purest available form – organic and sometimes biodynamic.  Anything short of that will clog the pores, age the skin and burden the organs.

‘My skin feels amazing and so soft!’ are the words I hear most often.  ‘My blotches are fading and scars too!’ a new customer said recently after using Frankincense Nourishing Cream for a few weeks.  ‘Your creams feel purer/better than (the top brand I’ve been using for years)’.

In truth, I can’t take much credit. It’s simple – if you use the very best of the most natural ingredients and combine them carefully, the best product will be the result. I feel so passionate about these beautiful creations and proud of them too!  Most people seem to love them, and I get to share in their appreciation and joy.

Occasionally a customer gets in contact to say that a jar of cream didn’t keep for the 3 months that I am happy to guarantee them for.  If they have read and followed my recommendations on how to use and store them to keep them fresh (they don’t need to be refrigerated) and can provide a photo, I am happy to resolve it to their satisfaction. This happens very infrequently.

I am in general a one-woman band, living amidst the wild beauty of the far north of Scotland.  If I need more hands I can call on my adult children or husband to step in.  As I write this, it is June and the wild roses are in riotous bloom along the edges of the beaches and sand-dunes and in the nearby nature reserve.  When they are on the brink of dropping their velvety petals I have loved collecting and drying them and using them fresh to make macerated wild rose oil to use in some of my creams and oils very soon.

And all-natural perfumes lie just a little further down the windy lane….