Like many people, I feel passionate about the plight of the bees. The dilemma over whether to use beeswax and honey in my products troubled me for sometime, so I started researching and reading and came to a place of deep awe for these incredible beings. 

A few months ago I met a lovely woman who lived in the wilds of Dartmoor who was a ‘Bee Shaman’. We discussed my dilemma and she recommended the book ‘ Song of Increase’ by Jacqueline Freeman, a Biodynamic Farmer and Bee Shaman who has learnt to channel and communicate with her bees. What they conveyed to her is so incredible it couldn’t possibly be invented!

It was a most inspiring and mind-expanding guide into this subject. My questions were answered when the bees communicated the following about honey to Jacqueline Freeman:

“We bring this gift and ask that you absorb it into your being with awareness of the generosity with which we offer the fruit of a constantly creating and interrelating world. … “Each drop of honey contains the rising helix, which invigorates humankind through its spiritual forces. Honey filled with spiritual forces kindles the heart of fellowship. Through this bond, humans develop respect and love of all beings. The bond of respect for all beings is the core of the growing heart. Through respect, appreciation and all actions based on an honourable relation, you step into your evolution.”

Jacqueline continued in her own words, “Over time I realized the bees could tell my emotional or energetic state. When I embodied kindness around them, they treated me with the same…The honeybee is an exemplar of Unity Consciousness… The bees help jog our memories of what it is to live a life of devotion, joy and loving membership in a strong, committed tribe.’“

Sadly most honey is produced through factory farming type practices. In conventional beekeeping, queens are often prevented from flying freely into the countryside to mate with wild, strong local drones. The queen’s annual flight in the sunlight is what activates her hormones and fertility. Most queens are now artificially produced.

Gunther Hauk – “The single most serious factor causing the lowered state of health and vitality of the honeybees is artificial queen production“. Too much honey is stolen from the hives and replaced with sugary syrup that has none of the essential nutrients and enzymes needed for the bees to remain healthy. 

I am incredibly fortunate living in South Devon, England. Not far from my home is a wonderful biodynamic beekeeper who has been tending his precious hives with love and respect for decades. He lives near to one of my family’s favourite camping spots, close to the sea and he supplies us with his divine honey (tastes like no honey that has ever passed my lips before!) and beeswax.

Both beeswax and honey are beautiful and healing to add to skin care products. Honey is a humectant – it helps the skin to retain its moisture and it brings its own moisturising, nourishing and protective properties. Honey is also a natural preservative, found still in perfect condition in archaeological excavations of ancient civilizations.

Beeswax, too, nourishes, softens and heals as well as creating a great waterproofing and protective barrier for the skin. Secreted from the worker bee’s abdomen, it is what holds a hive together and is the structure from which everything else can evolve.

It seems to me that if the bees are cared for by ethical, loving and respectful beekeepers it is acceptable to use some of the surplus honey and beeswax. In fact they are of great benefit to humanity and the bees want us to share the fruits of their labours so long as they are cared for with great respect and reverence.

So I feel at peace with my decision to continue using bee products in my creations and do so with reverence and deep gratitude. Perhaps our consciousness is slightly enhanced by taking their gifts into our bodies? If we benefit, then I hope they will too in turn.