About Our Skin Food

100% Pure – natural organic ingredients (99-100% organic). We source the purest, highest quality, maximum vitality, cold-pressed, raw & unrefined, organic ingredients wherever available

Plant Based – using high-quality waxes, butters, oils and juices, cold pressed and raw whenever possible

Preserved Naturally – using high vitality stable base oils and essential oils

*99% Organic – for a few essential oils that have a low yield and are difficult to extract, such as Melissa, Rose, Jasmine & Sandalwood, we offer high quality non-organic oils to make the product affordable to more people.


Our Promise

Very occasionally one of our products develops a problem or doesn’t meet expectations despite careful use. In this case please get in touch and we will be happy to resolve it to your satisfaction. 

Using Our Skin Food

Balms, Facial oils & Body Butters – will keep for at least 6 months if stored away from sources of heat and light as these ingredients are more stable than the face creams.

Face Creams will keep for at least 3 months with careful use

We don’t use emulsifiers (which are of no benefit to skin or health) or any synthetic chemicals.  So they behave a little differently from conventional creams.  They come in shades of creamy gold & may change a little over time.  A textured graininess can develop as the butters & waxes separate a little, melting immediately in contact with warm skin.  If droplets of Aloe vera juice appear, just pour away.

How to use the face creams:

  • Open jar soon after purchasing and ideally use each day.
  • Daily opening is the best preservative.
  • Keep away from sources of direct heat and light.
  • They generally do not need refrigeration.
  • Ensure that fingers are clean before popping into jar.