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About Our Products

100% Pure – natural organic* ingredients     *(99-100% organic) 

Plant Based – using high-quality waxes, butters, oils and juices

Preserved Naturally – using high vitality stable base oils and essential oils… learn more about our products

Our Ingredients

We source the purest, highest quality, maximum vitality, cold-pressed, raw & unrefined, organic ingredients wherever available.

However, for just a few essential oils that have a low yield and are difficult to extract, such as Melissa, Rose, Jasmine & Sandalwood, we offer high quality non-organic oils to make the product affordable to more people. Explore our ingredients…

Using Our Products

Our skin food treats are living organisms in a jar (or bottle) and deserve to be cherished as such.

Storage – keep out of the sun, away from direct sources of heat, in a cool room such as a bathroom. Avoid south facing rooms.

Nourishing Creams need to be used very regularly and not left on a shelf unopened for periods of time. …More