Why a Private Members Club?

Our Vision – was to create the purest affordable skin care range using the healthiest ingredients available, without using anything artificial.  Over 5 years of experimenting we developed a beautiful range of face creams that will keep for at least 3 months as well as other creations that last at least 6 months.

Our Problem – is that our skin food range is too pure to pass the 12 month shelf-life antibacterial test required by UK & EU cosmetic legislation. This means that nearly all UK cosmetics are ‘long-life’ products which use chemical, synthetic, heavily processed & devitalised ingredients, such as preservatives, fragrances, colourings, emulsifiers and fillers.

Our Solution – to share our skin food range we created the Buds & Bees Health Club – a private membership health club set up with the main purpose of education and protecting the freedom of choice and health of its members. We are one of thousands of similar clubs around the world.

Buds & Bees Health Club

  • This private members health association allows members to access the purest natural health care products.
  • We offer members products and information that we believe are enhancing to health and well-being.
  • This club does not retail or sell to the public.
  • Life-time Membership is a one-off payment of £1.
  • To become a member you need to sign the agreement and join this members only website.
  • Click the button below to become a member: