Using Our Products

“Buds & Bees Frankincense Cream is the moisturiser that I have been looking for for 25 years! I have very dry skin and it leaves my face feeling so soft with no tightness and above all else it is all natural ingredients. There is nothing in this pot of joy that I am not more than happy to have on my skin. Frankly it is life-changing!”   L.B. Hypnotherapist

“It feels like a gift because it’s direct from nature to you – nothing in the way.”   F.C. – Author & Explorer

Our skin food treats are living organisms in a jar (or bottle) and deserve to be cherished as such.

Storage – although we don’t suggest that they need to be kept in the fridge, our skin food products should be kept out of the sun and away from direct sources of heat.

Nourishing Creams need to be used very regularly and not left on a shelf unopened for periods of time. We advise that your fingers and nails are clean before putting them in a jar or alternatively use a clean spoon.  Over time the nourishing creams sometimes separate slightly – droplets of aloe vera juice may appear on the surface. This can just be poured away. And a slightly grainy texture may develop which does not indicate diminished efficacy. These tiny beads of shea butter, cocoa butter or beeswax just melt in contact with the skin.

Facial Oils provide the skin with light and  easily-absorbable high quality nourishment, especially suitable for night treatment.  With the help of these oils, the skin can carry out valuable healing work while you sleep.  They can also be used beneath the moisturising creams day or night.  Apply a small amount to damp skin for best results.

Body Butters provide a rich protective moisturser for the rest of the body.  Packed full of support for the skin, they are easily absorbable and non-greasy,  leaving the skin beautifully smooth and silky and with no sticky residue.  A little goes a long way.