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"Veganism. The Fastest Growing Health Movement Ever"

Our Vegan Products

Our Body Butters and Facial Oils have always been Vegan

For the past 5 years the only non-vegan ingredient we have used is organic and biodynamic honey and beeswax in our face creams and balms. We are looking for a pure, natural, chemical free alternative to beeswax that will allow us to make vegan face creams and eye balms. We have yet to find one…

Our Vegan Journey

Over the past few years several of our family members have committed to a vegan lifestyle. We are respectful of everyone’s different choices in this area, as we all have our own journey to take. It is heartening to see that the world is waking up very quickly to the vegan choice – see this article for more information…

Veganism. The Fastest Growing Health Movement Ever.