Welcome to Buds & Bees

Hello and a very warm welcome to you.

We are so looking forward to sharing with you the products we make, the things that we have learnt which have enriched our lives and that we hope could do the same for you, and our long journey in the arena of health, well-being and self-empowerment.

Greg and I both trained as homoeopaths and homoeopathy is still central to our lives, along with herbs, which we collect, use and turn into teas, tinctures and macerated oils. We forage for wild food and have raised our large family in as natural way as possible.

Starting nearly 3 decades ago when we worked in Greg’s franchised shop, Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bristol, our path of discovery and growth has taken us along a winding path of highways and byways.

Our move from city to country nearly 12 years ago brought an opening into creativity in so many forms – art, crochet, handcrafts of all sorts as well as in health and well-being. Food and nutrition too, inevitably!

Our educational journey with our children has also been colourful! From mainstream schooling to home-schooling and Steiner Education, which we experienced as a deep home-coming. Our youngest daughter, Anna, is still at our local Steiner School.

Our vision has been to provide pure, organic, raw whenever possible, health-enhancing products with no hidden undesirables.

In future blogs I plan to bring information on many different topics – bees and bee products, seaweed and how to use it very simply for health and beauty, rosehips, pyramids, homoeopathic tissue salts, therapeutic massage oils, the consequences of deodorizing, bleaching and refining ingredients for the skin care industry, and of course my own products and the many levels on which the essential oils work upon our being.

With love Veronica xx