The Yin Range - with more feminine aromas

Vetiver and Lime Range for Men
Containing Vetiver, Frankincense, Lime, Clary Sage and Lavender - these oils work together to provide a calming and uplifting blend that is strengthening to the vitality and helpful for stress and decision-making.
Sandalwood & Argan
The rejuvenating, soothing & healing properties of Sandalwood with the antibacterial, calming and uplifting & energising qualities of Coriander Oil
Frankincense & Argan
Rich and deeply nourishing, especially suitable for mature or dry skin.Helps to relieve nervous tension and exhaustion and to smooth the flow of stagnant energy within the body.
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The earthy, musty scent of Vetiver & Lime

The warm, woody, sweet scent of Sandalwood & Coriander

The sweet, deep woody, citrus scent of Frankincense & Argan